Top 5 Gadgets For Your Home

August 21, 2017

If you want a smarthome then you need to check out these awesome gadgets...

Nowadays there is a gadget for everything. One to play music, one to control your air-con, one to help you lose weight, even one that is literally a personal assistant. Here at Groovy Gadget Hub we’re not only trying to make your life that little bit simpler but we’re also trying to make it that bit more fun as well. So here are our top 5 groovy gadgets for your home.

Adjustable USB LED Fan clock

The ‘coolest’ way to check the time. Our USB LED Fan clock is the two-in-one, USB charging, gadget everyone needs for their home/ work desk. Ideal for cooling you down as well as keeping track of the time.

Inflatable Hangout Sofa

What could be better than an inflatable sofa? This sofa is durable, comfortable and lightweight. Convenient for extra seating, taking on your next camping holiday and just generally making your home look that bit cooler. Relax in style and be the envy of all of your friends.

Flexible Drill Extension

Long gone are the days of having to take something apart just to put a screw in, try the flexi drill extension to become the top handyman (or handywoman) around the house. The 290 mm flexible drill extension can be fixed to any hand drill or electric screwdriver for flexible drilling and getting into those hard to reach places.

Baby Bathtub Pillow

A newborn baby is as delicate as a flower, so why not cocoon your baby in one? Soft to the touch, flexible petals are the latest way to give your newborn a bath whilst keeping them safe and comfortable. Far comfier and safer than cold hard sinks or baby baths, this flower will convert bath time into a fun safe time.

Pancake Flipper

Long gone are the days of miss shaped pancakes, of ones resembling a weird shaped puddle rather than a thick and fluffy American style pancake. With the new silicone pancake flipper you’ll be sure to have perfectly shaped pancakes every time. But don't just limit your newfound cooking skills to pancakes, have perfect eggs, omelettes, hash-browns etc. in minutes!