Top 5 Gadgets For Your Phone

August 21, 2017

Smartphones have many uses, they double up as a phone, a camera, an iPod, a laptop…Everything you want in one small compact phone. But what if you could get more from it? We’ve put together our list of super awesome phone chargers and cases that will help you get the most out of your phone.

Hyper Speed Charging Cable

Tired of waiting for your phone to finish charging? This hyperspeed phone charger allows you to charge your phone 5x quicker than an ordinary charger. Forget loose wires and run down cables, the material coated wire protects yourself and the wire from breaking.

The World's Most Flexible Charger

Give the world’s most flexible charger a go today! Ok, so it might not be literally the most flexible but it certainly is the most versatile. Use it as a tripod, a charger, a docking station the list is endless all with this handy USB metal charger. It  is compact enough for you to be able to travel anywhere with it whilst also being sturdy enough to act as a tripod whenever you want it to.

Underwater Phone Case

Ever dropped your phone in the bath and spent the night with it in a bag of rice hoping that it was somehow magically going to absorb all of the moisture that was seeping into your precious phone? Well, not anymore. This handy phone case will now turn your phone into the underwater camera you’ve always wanted.  

Solar Power Charger

There’s nothing worse than running out of power and having nowhere to charge your phone. Whether you want to take a cool photo, listen to music or just have the security of being able to make a phone call a phone is essential. Whether you're planning a hike with no access to electricity or just need some extra juice at a festival - we've got you covered.

Anti-gravity Nano Suction Phone Case

The ideal way to make your phone hands free today. Stick your phone to any surface with our nano technology hands free phone case and be able to use your phone to watch a movie, read a book, use Google maps whatever it may be this gravity defying phone case allows you the flexibility to fulfil your tasks without any obstacles.